About Me

Immediately after graduating from high school, Dave began playing in various bands around the Greater Cincinnati area such as Dugan’s GapOx, and Hoodwink. This continued for several years until college. During his college years, Dave played keyboards and percussion for The Lunch Buddies, and then later joined another Cincinnati band, Danse Macabre. It was during his college years at The Art Academy of Cincinnati that Dave met conceptual artists such as Vito Acconci and John Cage who both became major influences.

Then came a time of several years when Dave was exploring conceptual art and sound art of all types, creating sound sculptures and site-specific sound installations. In 1985 one of his pieces called A Small Room Full Of Loud Noises was featured at an exhibition at the Southern Ohio Museum And Cultural Center in Portsmouth, Ohio. During this period, many of Dave’s photographs were exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States. In 1987, a computer-generated piece was exhibited at the Krannert Gallery in Evansville, Indiana. – This was the first exhibition of computer art in the region.

Getting back into more conventional music, Dave started publishing a music zine called Dangrous Music and got heavily involved in the Electronic Body Music movement. During this busy period, he did promotional work and interviewed other musicians such as Moby and 808 State for Culture Shock magazine. He also cooperated with other promotional companies such as Green Galactic in Los Angeles. Heading back to the studio, he recorded and released his first album, Louder Than Words, which  was followed by other albums released on his own music label, Sector Damage. Currently, he continues to write and record music, and does remixing for other musicians. Check the EVENTS page to see what’s new!